About ParticleB

ParticleB is a data technology provider company based in Tehran. Our mission is to increase the market value per employee of Iranian scientists and engineers.

To do so we’ve chosen to provide financial data products using artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling, data and software engineering. Currently developed technologies for the financial market are:

  • Algorithmic Trading System
  • Portfolio Management System
  • Fund Management System
  • Liquidity Management System
  • Order Management System

In our data team we had collaboration with our strategic partner, IDEHHUB, to design and implement data products that facilitate financial analysis and market analysis in a boutique investment bank:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Brand Image Analysis (using Big Data)
  • Fund Comparison Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis (using company network analysis)

Also our team has participated in the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art recommendation engine for our special partner, Fidibo, to provide a better user experience in reading and browsing Persian and English content in the Fidibo eBook platform. If you’re using Fidibo you’re seeing our recommendation result! 

Why “ParticleB”?

We believe that the progress of Iranian scientists and engineers can reach higher levels of tech than what it is now. Market value per employee is a good indicator that shows how just one person can provide value in a way that everybody understands, it’s measurable and can put into work for more innovation. 

To accomplish this mission, we’ve been facing a lot of obstacles as we’ve worked through years since 2013 in the domestic market and we came to the conclusion that this mission is not for everybody. 

We learned that only smart, kind, hard working people can survive along this path. People with the intellectual honesty that allows them to see both sides of a coin and do not get stuck in dogma. The ones who consider the gray spectrum, besides black and white in their decisions. These people never optimize their life to only get the grade A all the time, although they may get it; so normally they end up with the grade B.