About ParticleB

ParticleB is a data technology provider company. Our mission is to increase the market value per employee of scientists and engineers.

To do so we’ve chosen to provide financial data products using artificial intelligence, mathematical and statistical modeling, data, and software engineering. Currently developed technologies for the financial market are:

  • Algorithmic Trading System
  • Portfolio Management System
  • Fund Management System
  • Liquidity Management System
  • Order Management System

In our data team we’ve designed and implemented data products that facilitate financial analysis and market analysis in a boutique investment bank:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Brand Image Analysis (using Big Data)
  • Fund Comparison Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis (using company network analysis)

Also, our team has designed and implemented a state-of-the-art recommendation engine for a big digital content platform, to increase user engagement by finding what interests users best through millions of available content in real-time.